KASES Enrollment form 2075

KASES Enrollment form 2075.

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newsNew Admission Open.

Class starts from Baishak 9.

2075 Mini Exam Result


KASES announces 2075 Mini Exam Result.

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Krishna Adarsha Secondary English School

Hetauda-9, Pashupatinagar

Vacation Homework 2074



1.  Write some rules that must be followed in class , school and playground .

2.  Write an essay on “ Importance of Education  “ in about 200 words .

3. Construct a readable story with the help of given outlines.

      A hungry for saw a grapes hanging up -was tempted to eat them - tired in

      rain to reach them went away -  disappointed - say “ Grapes are sour “

           Moral . –

4.  Write two paragraph on how you celebrated Dashain .

5.  Write structure of tense along with examples .

6.  Write structure of causative verbs along with examples .

7. Write 10 question that you have heard .

8. make sentences  using conjuctives

      However                                       whenever

      Although                                       sot that

      Because of                                    so …. That

      Since                                             in spite of

      There fore                                      in order to